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I’m Becca and I set up this site with my sister Jasmine because we could never find gossip and information on stars we follow when we needed. Jazz has adored Big Bang since it first launched, yet the gossip columns didn’t publish too much detail about the programme when it hit the screens, she’s a long time member of the Big Bang Fan Club and knows everything about the show. I’m an art graduate and the music scene and playing at online casinos likeĀ casinoaus is my thing.

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I’ve worked in lots of clubs around Birmingham City and met quite a few stars along the way. I work at the Outlook Festival in Croatia each year, helping to set the stages and props and you’ll find my music tastes eclectic, maybe even electric! Lots of our mates contribute to the site and give us hot gossip and info they weasel out from goodness knows where, so we can quite honestly say that a lot of the news published on here is not commonly available and we’re happy to say we’ve been the source for quite a few breaking stories over the time our site’s been around.

Special mention to our mates with gratitude for their contributions:

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Stinky Pete (you know who you are!)

Reels-Royce-Slot-GameIf you want to stay up to date with all the top celebs, and even the ones you love to hate, then join us on our dive into the depths of the entertainments culture and lifestyles. We hope you will find our posts interesting and would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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