TV Shows That Rock

The Best Show Is…

The most popular TV shows dominate the ratings and earn shedloads of cash for TV channels and networks, pulling in advertiser income and revenues from repeat showings and worldwide broadcasting.


the big bang theoryIt’s hardly a surprise that Big Bang Theory has led in the popularity stakes for some years now, this hilarious sitcom and the cute young actors in the show have stolen the hearts of TV viewers around the world, creating a success for the CBS network and pulling in the highest rates for 30 second ad slots out of any comparable shows.

the voiceOther popular TV shows include The Voice, The Simpsons, Modern Family and Family Guy. The highest paid actors and actresses on TV for 2015 were primarily stars from Big Bang and Modern Family, with Jim Parsons of Big Bang topping the list at $29million.

greys anatomyThe four leading men from Modern Family were all in the top 15 highest paid actors. Some of the most profitable TV shows of all time include Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee and The X Factor, with American Idol as the highest grossing TV show of all time.

Friends has been knocked out of the league for high earning shows, but constant repeats and reruns made money for the networks and increased earnings for the stars while it was in the top performing levels.

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones is a popular show produced by HBO that is becoming a top earner for the broadcaster with showings globally and DVD/Blu Ray boxed sets of the complete series making more money over the longer timeframe. The show has given birth to themed parties, weddings, games such as online slots and more!

This show has also been filmed for IMAX theatres across the United States and grossed more than $1.5million in the opening weekend alone.